If your property has a chimney you’re going to want to ensure that it is in the best working order.

A leaking chimney can cause extensive damage to your property, it could be a variety of issues causing this and it’s important to rectify these as soon as possible.

Some chimney repairs such as re-pointing, flaunching or replacement flashings of an old chimney may alleviate the problem. In most instances though we find that the main cause of a leaking chimney is the fact they haven’t been correctly built.

A chimney works best when built with a DPC lead tray. Fitted during the construction process, it eliminates the chance of water penetrating the stack and finding its way into your property.

Here are some examples of our chimney builds, but we also carry out chimney maintenance. Please give us a call so we can give you a solution to any problems you may be experiencing.


  • Add value to your property
  • Working with experienced HETAS certified engineers
  • Peace of mind

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Some of our re-builds with new lead work installed.

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